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We are a foundation that supports research on inflammatory neurological conditions through annual grants. This year's winners are announced at the bottom of this page. Next application period begins in the autumn of 2020.

Published on 2 October 2020

The Bertil and Ebon Norlin Foundation for Medical Research will award a minimum of 500,000 SEK in support of advanced medical research in Sweden. The foundation prioritizes projects in the area of inflammatory diseases, especially inflammatory neurological disorders. The grant money will be distributed among 2-8 applicants.

If the project is part of a larger project, such as a SRC/VR project, the research plan for the larger project may be included in the application. Otherwise a separate research plan (maximum 4 pages) and personal information (curriculum vitae) for the main applicant should be included. The hypothesis and the project plan has to be written in Swedish. We will only consider applications that contain a clearly stated hypothesis which can be tested within the frame of the project. The grants will be awarded in March 2020. A scientific and economical summary has to be provided to the foundation within three years of receiving a grant or before a new application.

GDRP (the European law on data protection) Applicants are informed that personal data will be registered. The grant recipients' names will be published on this website and their applications will be saved for 10 years. Applications not awarded with a grant will be saved for 5 years.

Apply for a grant

You apply online and complete the application by sending a signed form.

Norlin's foundation is co-administered with Hedberg's foundation. The foundations share a common application site, which makes it easier to apply to both foundations simultaneously. By clicking the link below you are taken to the application site. Please note that the application site itself is featured in Swedish only.

GDRP (the European law on data protection). The application process involves registration of personal data. The grant recipients' names will be published on this website and their applications will be saved for 10 years. Applications not awarded with a grant will be saved for 5 years. For further information on how we handle personal data, and on your rights, click here (Swedish only).
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Previous recipients

Recipients 2020

Maria Swanberg - Lunds universitet - Immunogenetiska studier av antigenpresentation som riskfaktor för Parkinsons sjukdom 100 000 kr

Ivan Kmezic - Karolinska Institutet - BioPas studie – Biomarkörs- och patogenetisk studie av inflammatorisk polyneuropati 100 000 kr

Daniel Eklund - Örebro universitet - Myeloida suppressor celler – nyckelspelare i sepsis 100 000 kr

Anna Erlandsson - Uppsala universitet - Astrocyters roll för spridning av patologin vid Alzheimers sjukdom 100 000 kr

Sara Aspberg - Karolinska Institutet - Inflammation och hyperkoagulation som orsak till cerebral infarkt och hjärtinfarkt 100 000 kr

Recipients 2019

Joakim Bergström Nya behandlingsstrategier för återställandet av synapsfunktion vid Parkinsons sjukdom 125 000 kr

Tomas Björklund Kan proteinet Arc och dess förflyttning ge upphov till demens vid Alzheimers sjukdom? 125 000 kr

Majid Pahlevan Kakhki Epigenetics approach to understand the pathogenesis of Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis 100 000 kr

Daniel Eklund Förändrade cytokinnätverk vid sepsis 100 000 kr

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